Common Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataracts are responsible for almost 50% of cases of blindness worldwide [1], according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). Although it is a very common disease, not everyone knows how to correctly identify cataract symptoms.  Cataracts are characterized by impairment of the lens of the eye, which leads to progressive loss of vision. Even though this pathology is more common in the elderly, it can manifest itself in other stages of life, as there are different types of the disease. In this post, we will explain the different types of cataracts and the symptoms of the disease. Cataracts are a silent disease, and their symptoms may take a while to appear. In most cases, it manifests in both eyes, but it can happen that one eye has a more advanced level of the disease than the other. Here are some common cataract symptoms. Check it out!

Cloudy Vision

One of the most common symptoms of the disease is blurred vision [2]. This is because the lens – the natural lens of the eye, responsible for vision is opaque. So, the person has difficulty seeing clearly, and they may have a fuzzy feeling that something is in their eye, preventing them from seeing clearly. Most patients describe this symptom as if they are looking at the world through a foggy glass or a foggy veil. Often, the patient does not notice for a long time that his vision has become worse since the eye that sees better compensates for the difference in vision. While cloudy vision may be due to other causes, it is important when one sees this symptom in combination with other symptoms of cataract, one should seek medical advice immediately as cloudy vision is one of the most common symptoms of the onset of cataract.