Why Is Dry Eyes Worse in the Summer and How to Manage It?

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is one of the most popular eye diseases in the world. It happens when the body is unable to produce sufficient tear to keep the eyes healthy and comfortable or because the moisture that normally covers the surface of the eyes evaporates faster than normal. This causes a variety of unpleasant symptoms which include blurred vision, grittiness, redness and increased sensitivity to light. Dry eyes can happen at any time, but it is much worse for some people at a particular period of the year (the summer).

Dry eyes can exacerbate if proper treatment or management is not given to it. This disease also occurs in winter but it gets worse and painful during the summer. The presence of low humidity causes evaporation of some layers of tears and the eyes become more susceptible to inflammation and infection without enough lubrication.

The presence of chlorine in swimming pools can wash away your tear film. That is the combination of oil, water and mucus that makes the eyes moist. Experts say there is nothing to worry about in the ocean, because salt water is much gentler on the eyes. However, if salt water gets into the eyes, it will sting.

In this article, I will be discussing why dry eyes are worse during the summer and how to manage it. Dry eye is worse in the summer due to the following reasons: