Restless Legs Syndrome: Natural Remedies and Treatment for RLS

Restless legs syndrome is a medical condition where individuals feel an unexplainable and uncontrollable urge to move their legs due to uncomfortable sensations in the leg. It mainly happens in the evening or night when sitting or lying in a supine position. Moving the leg reduces the pain tentatively. Restless leg syndrome is also called Willis Ekbom disease. It can start at any age and exacerbates as you age.

Restless leg syndrome has adverse effects on the sleeping cycle and disrupts daily activities. Self-care and changes in daily activities can help reduce the symptoms. Natural remedies for restless leg syndrome include:

Warm or Cold Compresses

Warm or cold pads can be used to reduce swelling caused by injuries. Experts say that using cold pads or warm pads help to create a different sensation for the brain to adapt to and decrease the uncomfortable feeling caused by restless legs syndrome. Cheap cold or warm pads can be bought at pharmaceutical shops. However, you can make a cold pad by soaking a piece of fabric in cold water and a warm pad by soaking a piece of fabric in warm water, then put on the skin. Warm or cold places give soothing feelings and are recommended by doctors as a natural remedy for RLS.