10 Most Common Leg Pain Symptoms

Leg pain is a condition that occurs intermittently or frequently, depending on its root cause. Individuals with leg pain usually feel a sharp, aching, stabbing, dull, or tingling sensation around their legs. The severity of leg pain may develop over time, or the pain may surface suddenly, without prior notice. When an area of the leg is affected and causes discomfort, it affects the overall body movement.

Leg pain may occur due to different conditions. For instance, they may result from bone cancer, muscle cramps, bone cancer, shin splints, and many other conditions. Specific symptoms point to leg pain in different people. Examples are cramps, throbbing, weakness, and more.

Here are the ten most common leg pain symptoms:

Numbness in the Leg

When the legs are numb, it may be a significant symptom of leg pain. Many conditions associated with a numb feeling in the legs are linked to leg pain. Some conditions related to leg pain are sciatica, paresthesia, diabetes [1], multiple sclerosis, and more.

Paresthesia is a condition that occurs due to the compression of the leg nerves. When it happens, the brain and nerves are unable to send signals appropriately. Sciatica is another condition associated with numbness in the legs, which also results in leg pain. Individuals who sit for a long time or are overweight are at risk of sciatica.