12 Common Causes of Leg Pain

Pain in the legs can either be a severe stabbing sensation or a dull ache around the leg. In most cases, leg pain is due to the legs’ overuse or specific types of minor leg injuries. Fortunately, the discomfort may not always imply a severe medical condition. Besides, it disappears within a short period.

Many home remedies help in treating pain in the leg. However, individuals experiencing consistent leg pain should quickly see the doctor for prescriptions or medical advice. Generally, the most common cause of leg pain is muscle cramps or spasms. Sometimes, it is followed by the redness and swelling of the legs.

Here are 12 of the common causes of leg pain:

Mineral Deficiency

Electrolyte imbalance or lost electrolytes can cause severe leg pains. Individuals that are low in certain electrolytes and minerals can cause severe leg pains. Electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and potassium should be at appropriate levels to help the muscles work appropriately.

When exercising, people lose electrolytes. Hence, when there is a high level of loss, the legs may begin to feel numb or weak. Loss of electrolytes may also happen in some medical treatments like chemotherapy.

Drinking sports drinks can help lower cramps due to the presence of sodium. Aside from sports drinks, water and foods containing the necessary minerals can be helpful. Some foods containing these muscle-friendly minerals are sweet potatoes, bananas, yogurt, and nuts.