Which Foods Are Highest in Calcium?

Calcium is a significant nutrient that the human body needs for many crucial functions. The body needs calcium for the adequate circulation of blood, muscle movement, and release of hormones. Additionally, it helps in transporting messages from the brain to other parts of the human body. The teeth and bones in the body benefit from adequate calcium intake.

Since the body doesn’t produce calcium, individuals need to consume good diets containing adequate amounts of calcium. Some common examples of foods containing calcium are white beans, sardines, dark green vegetables, and dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk.

Daily, the recommended intake (RDI) of this nutrient is between 1,000 mg in adults and 1,200 mg. Children between the age of four to fourteen should consume 1,300 mg daily. Diets containing calcium are vital, but many people don’t meet up to the daily calcium intake requirement by a diet. Here are the foods that are highest in calcium:


Parmesan cheese contains a high amount of calcium, which is 331 mg per ounce. Some types of cheeses have lower quantities of calcium. For example, softer cheese only offers 52 mg or 5% of the RDI. Most of the other varieties fall in the middle, delivering around 20% of the RDI. [1]

The human body absorbs calcium in dairy products more quickly compared to that of plant sources. Specific types of cheeses like cottage cheese are usually packed with high amounts of protein. People with lactose intolerance may consider hard, aged cheese due to the low level of lactose.

Generally, dairy has its benefits. Research [2] shows that it may reduce the risk of heart disease in humans. In another study, it was discovered that consuming cheese every day was connected to having a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, which increases the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart conditions. Please note that full-fat cheese is high in fat and calories, which calls for moderation.