Why Do My Legs Hurt? 10 Causes of Lower Leg Pain

Lower leg pain can occur in different forms. In some individuals, it causes an aching, sharp, stabbing, dull, or tingling feeling. They may occur continuously or intermittently, depending on the root cause.

Besides, leg pain may develop gradually or suddenly, affecting the entire leg or a specific area like the shin or knee as a whole. In some cases, leg pain can hinder the movement of the body. It is a common condition among athletes [1].

There are many causes of leg pain. They may occur due to certain medical conditions like arthritis, gout, or varicose veins. However, leg pain is usually due to injuries to the leg like knee bursitis, muscle strain, and stress fractures. If the causes of leg pain are known, proper steps can be taken to prevent them.

Here are ten causes of lower leg pain:

Blood Clot

A blood clot is a clump of blood that has changed in form. The blood appears to be in a semi-solid state instead of its typical liquid form. When a clot develops in a vein deep inside the body, it is referred to as deep vein thrombosis [2] (DVT). In most cases, a deep-vein clot occurs in the lower thigh.

Deep-vein blood clots are more likely to occur when an individual has been inactive for a long time. If an individual has been standing or sitting in a specific position for a long time, leg pain may occur. People who smoke, are overweight, or take some medications are at the risk of having leg pain.