10 Worst Foods for Your Liver


The liver is a vital organ that aids in the body’s elimination of waste products or “toxins.” And while you might wish to assist your liver, it is not necessary for the liver to function well to follow rigid “cleanses” or “detox diets.”

This is how it goes: Every drop of blood that leaves your intestines and stomach travels via the liver. The liver processes the blood, retaining the beneficial nutrients while excreting the waste elements that are harmful to your body and could become toxic if left to accumulate.

Over 500 significant functions of the multitasking liver have been identified, including:

  • Bile production, which aids in the removal of waste and breaks down fat in the small intestine.
  • Creating cholesterol and certain proteins that aid in the movement of fat through the body.
  • Removing poisons and medications from the blood.
  • Control of blood clotting.
  • Generating immunological factors and removing microorganisms from the blood to aid in the fight against illnesses.

Your liver’s primary function is to remove toxins from the body. Here are some foods to eat less of or completely avoid to support your liver’s optimal function (no detox necessary).