Can Autism and Bipolar Disorder Co-Occur?


Bipolar disorder [1] is a condition where there is constant fluctuation of one’s mood, it is also referred to as mood disorder. It is known for its cycles of elevated mood and depressed moods. The cycle can last for days, weeks, or months.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) [2] is a condition that comes with a wide range of symptoms, such as difficulties with speech, communication, behavior, and social skills. Different autistic people show different signs and symptoms.

Both bipolar disorder and Autism may overlap in a person. However, the number of both conditions is unknown. This is because both conditions share several similar symptoms and behaviors. Some autistic people can mistakenly be diagnosed with bipolar.

This article will discuss with you how to recognize legitimate symptoms of the disorder and differentiate it from autism. Even though your diagnosis result may not be certain, you and your psychiatrist can determine what condition you are experiencing.