Introverts and Depression: Is There a Link?

Introverts and Depression

In general,here are some qualities of an introverted individual:

  • They prefer spending quiet time by yourself over engaging with others
  • More time will be spent listening to others than expressing one’s own opinions.
  • When in a social setting, remain on the periphery of the group.
  • use meditative or creative activities to unwind and recharge

Someone who doesn’t know you well might suppose these characteristics indicate you have depression [1] or possibly social anxiety [2] because people are increasingly realizing that a propensity to withdraw from others is a typical indicator of sadness.

Even well-intentioned family members can advise you to contact a specialist who can assist you in “becoming better at socializing” or “overcoming your shyness.”

There may be a link between depression and introversion, according to certain studies.

This link, however, does not imply that you should attempt to change who you are, despite what some individuals may advise. You shouldn’t try to change or improve your introversion; it is a personality trait.