7 Most Common Types of Dental Restoration

Your dentist could suggest tooth or dental restoration if you have chipped, cracked, worn, discolored, damaged, or poorly maintained teeth. There are numerous types of tooth restoration that you might want to think about.

Your teeth’s natural functionality can be returned with tooth restoration, and it can also stop further decay-related harm. These procedures can also improve the appearance of your teeth and have cosmetic benefits.

In many cases, a dental restoration technique may simultaneously restore tooth function and aesthetics.


A sort of cap used to cover the entire tooth is called a dental crown. Dental crowns are employed to safeguard:

  • Teeth that are weak, broken.
  • Worn out teeth that have cavities that are too large for dental fillings.
  • Additionally, they support a bridge that fills dental gaps left by missing teeth.

A dentist or a prosthodontist, a dental expert, places crowns. Your dentist might be able to create the crown you require in-office.

The impression of your tooth will typically be taken by a dental practitioner and sent to a lab, where your crown will be fabricated. When this happens, your original tooth will be covered by a temporary crown until your dentist can replace it with the actual crown.