Canker Sore – Treatment and Causes

Sores in the oral cavity are very painful, but they are safe and can be well treated with the help of available means. These nasty sores affect the lining of the mouth. They can appear as a result of an accidental bite on the cheek or tongue, poor fit of dentures, or taking solid food. Stress, anxiety, certain foods, and hormonal changes can also cause them. Often they are linked to genes, about 40 percent of people suffering from this disease say that members of the family have had canker sore. Canker sores [1] are a difficult problem to ignore, but there are several remedies that help in the treatment of these injuries, as well as homemade alternatives to ease the discomfort caused by them. Among the homemade measures, it is common for people to search the internet for the best recipes for this, and a lot of people see websites that claim that baking soda can solve the problem. However, before doing this, the best option is to always seek the opinion of a professional on the subject.


Bicarbonate is good for lowering the pH of saliva and relieving the discomfort of the injury, but it is far from being the best treatment for the problem. In addition, many people think that just take the powder and put directly on the cold sore, but this can have serious consequences, such as pain and burning, making the wound even more serious. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to apply the product in the right way, and the dentist explains the best way to use it: To use properly, dissolve the bicarbonate in the water for rinsing, with the measurement of a teaspoon of the product. Usually, it is recommended to do the procedure three times a day.