10 Effective Remedies of Dry Mouth

Xerostomia is the medical term used to describe dry mouth. It’s a condition in which the salivary glands don’t produce enough saliva to maintain the mouth’s wetness. In many cases, dry mouth is due to the side effect of some drugs and, sometimes, cancer treatments like chemotherapy. In older adults, it may be a result of the aging process.

Saliva is essential for the neutralization of acids produced by bacteria, which impedes bacterial growth. Also, saliva improves the ability to taste, chew, and swallow. Hence, a reduced degree of saliva production can negatively affect the overall health of an individual. It’s essential to treat dry mouth immediately it’s discovered. Please note that the treatment procedure depends on the cause.

Here are ten effective remedies for dry mouth:

Drink Water

Doctors frequently advise the regular intake of water due to its health benefits. Drinking enough water is strongly recommended for individuals that have a dry mouth. Constant intake of water throughout the day can effectively prevent dehydration that may result in a dry mouth. Drinking too much water at once may result in an upset stomach. Hence, it is advisable to sip it.

There are several other health benefits of drinking water regularly. Drinking water proves to enhance memory and mood. Research [1] shows that a little dehydration can impair mood and memory in several individuals. Also, the lack of water increases the risk of migraines [2] in some individuals.