Bad Breath Causes, Home remedies, and Prevention

According to estimates, 25% of people have bad breath. Halitosis may be brought on by a variety of factors, but dental hygiene accounts for the great majority of them.

Halitosis and fetor oris are other names for it. Although halitosis can be a substantial source of worry, humiliation, and anxiety, it is rather simple to treat.

Continue reading this article to learn other causes, home remedies, and prevention of bad breath.

What Is Halitosis?

A common issue that can lead to serious psychological anguish is bad breath. There are numerous probable reasons and available therapies.

Bad breath can affect anyone. According to estimates, 1 in 4 people regularly have terrible breath. [1]

After gum disease and tooth decay, halitosis is the third most prevalent reason people seek dental care.

Often, the problem can be resolved with a few straightforward home remedies and lifestyle modifications like better tooth care and giving up smoking. To check for underlying causes, however, it is advised to see a doctor if bad breath persists.