9 Common Causes of Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps is a sudden but unintentional pain caused by a lot of things. It could be very painful, and sometimes elapse longer periods than you signed up for. Find out the cause of muscle cramps in this resource.

Sudden, unintentional contractions in your muscles is characteristic of muscle cramps. Usually we feel this pains at the back of our lower legs, in front of our thighs, and at the back of our thighs. Other unusual but possible places you’d experience a muscle cramp include abdominal wall, feet, legs, and arms. You can expect the pain from a muscle cramp to last a few seconds to as much as 15 minutes or more.

Cause of Muscle Cramps

There are several cause of muscle cramps, it ranges from defects to overuse of your muscles. People usually prone to muscle cramp attacks includes athletes, elderly people, and infants, overweight and pregnant women amongst others. People who are overweight would constantly have their muscles stressed because their weight is a burden on their muscles when they undergo “strenuous activity”. Causes of muscle cramps include;