9 Common Causes of Muscle Cramps


Dehydration [1] could also account for one of the causes of muscle cramps. This is when your body losses more water than you drink. Dehydration can either be mild or severe [2], either ways the latter can be treated at home but severe dehydration would need medical attention. Dehydration affects the bodies, tissues and cells. It makes them not to function optimally. This is why the muscles can experience sudden contractions. Also, this explains why medical practitioners constantly encourage us on how much water to take daily [3] depending on our prevailing medical status and healthiness.


Hypothyroidism [4] is when one of the thyroid hormones is under performing. There isn’t enough hormone in the blood, and this slows down the normal metabolism of the body. This slowing down of the body’s metabolism can result in a muscle cramp when an activity seems to exceed what the metabolism rate can accommodate.