5 Common Causes of Neuropathy in Feet


The function of the peripheral nerves is to connect the nerves from the spinal cord and the brain or the general central nervous system to the whole body. This includes your mouth, face, arms, feet, hands, internal organs, legs, and mouth. These nerves take signals gotten through physical sensation and touch back to the brain.

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition where those nerves get damaged or injured causing them to malfunction. This leads to a disruption in the regular functioning of the nerves. Therefore, neuropathy in the feet means that there’s a malfunctioning in the nerves which would cause those nerves to sometimes send the wrong signals to the feet or be unable to send none at all. Neuropathy in the feet can be due to an infection, an injury, an inherited disorder, or a systemic illness. Persons whose family has a history of peripheral neuropathy are more likely to develop the condition. However, there are other factors and conditions that may also cause peripheral neuropathy, and they include: