5 Effective Diarrhea Remedies

Diarrhea, or diarrhea syndrome, is familiar to everyone. But the treatment of diarrhea is not as easy as it seems since diarrhea can be caused by completely different reasons and manifests itself in the same way. When stale products are consumed, toxins enter the body, and there will be pronounced diarrhea and vomiting, but microbes will not penetrate into the body, and antibiotics will be useless. In a chronic disease of the pancreas, for example, there are not enough enzymes to break down fats, and frequent and chronic diarrhea occurs due to increased fat content of the stool. Diarrhea also occurs with intestinal infections, dysbiosis and may even be based on nerves.

Some patients trust traditional medicine more and tend to think that the best remedy for diarrhea can only be of plant origin and made according to grandmother’s recipes. And in fact – there is a lot of fixing agents for diarrhea from traditional medicine: rice water, flax seeds, wormwood, caraway seeds, garlic, and other components that are infused with ethyl alcohol, brewed or drunk whole. But, it should be noted that all of them have an extremely weak effect and cannot be used as an independent treatment for acute diarrhea, especially in children. On the recommendation of a doctor, they can be used only as an adjuvant in addition to the main drug therapy. When it come to the best cure for diarrhea, patients should know that folk remedies definitely are not efficient treatment. [1]

Antimicrobial Agents

Antibiotics with a wide spectrum of action that can destroy all or almost all of the most common causative agents of diarrhea are the first in line. [2] They constitute the main treatment and aim to eliminate the root cause of the disease – these are the first choice remedies for diarrhea. The most preferred are drugs that act exclusively in the intestinal lumen and do not have a systemic effect. Thus, they are not absorbed from the intestines and do not enter the bloodstream. Therefore, they are used in a standard treatment regimen that does not require additional diagnostic measures. It is advisable to always have such diarrhea remedies on hand in a home first aid kit, especially if the family has children of preschool or primary school age or when planning a vacation. It should be remembered that in another country, and just in another region, difficulties may arise with acquiring a medicine.