Top 10 Heat Stroke Symptoms You Should Know

Heatstroke is a type of heat problem [1] and has been described as the most serious form of heat injury because it requires immediate medical attention. Failure to get immediate medical attention can cause serious health complications or death. A higher percentage of patients are aged 50 and above, but young athletes are also at risk.

Damage to the brain, heart, and other organs are some of the health complications caused by heatstroke. It often occurs as a progression from less serious heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion. Or heat syncope. You may or may not experience any symptoms before experiencing heatstroke.

This condition occurs as a result of a combination of dehydration and exposure to high temperatures. Dehydration causes the body’s temperature control system to fail and too much sun exposure can worsen it.

Heat strokes occur when the body temperature is up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or more. It must be treated as a medical emergency and it usually takes between one to three days in hospital admission. It may take longer if there are health complications like organ damage. In this case, treatment may take several months or up to a year. Partial or complete recovery is possible after experiencing a heat stroke.

Here are some common signs and symptoms [2] that you are experiencing a heat stroke:

Altered mental state or behavior

Some patients experience mental disorders during a heat stroke, including confusion [3], agitation, slurred speech, irritability, and delirium. You may find it hard to compose your thoughts or make sensible utterances when having a heat stroke.