Is It Normal to Have Cramps Before Period?

What is dysmenorrhea?

The medical term for cramp during your period is dysmenorrhea [1]. Cramp is one of those experiences that once you feel them for the first time, you will be able to recognize it any other time after. Cramps are similar to a mild contraction. It can feel like a squeezing or intense pressure in your pelvic area. A female’s period occurs every month, where the lining of your uterus sheds and passes through your vagina. Cramps may or may not be severe, it varies in different women. Some experience severe cramping that could interfere with their everyday activity, while some may not feel as much pain or discomfort and will have no issue passing through a normal day. One common cause of cramps is when a compound called prostaglandins which behave like hormones but are not hormones causes pain and inflammation as your uterus contracts. This may result in cramps.