Ovarian Cysts: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

An ovarian cyst is a fluid- or semisolid-filled sac that develops on, inside of, or near one or both of your ovaries. Your ovaries are tiny organs in your pelvis that store egg cells and produce estrogen and progesterone, among other hormones.

Ovarian cysts come in a variety of forms, the majority of which are painless and benign. Ovarian cysts typically don’t result in symptoms. Unless your doctor discovers one while doing a standard pelvic exam or imaging treatment, you probably won’t be aware that you have one.

Ovarian cysts can rarely result in complications. Having regular pelvic checks and discussing any symptoms you may be having with your doctor might help you avoid any cyst-related issues.

Types of Ovarian Cyst

Most ovarian cysts are functional cyst. This means that they form in relation to the body changes during your menstrual cycle. It is less likely for ovarian cysts to form without a link to menstruation.