8 Common Symptoms of Yeast Infection

A yeast infection typically occurs in the vagina, and they are very uncomfortable. Women with vaginal yeast infections may experience a familiar itchy feeling and irritation. A discharge from the vaginal also characterizes the medical condition.

Yeast infections are quite common. Seventy-five percent [1] of women may have experienced a yeast infection at a point in their lives. The condition may occur in any lady at different times, but certain factors increase the risk of contracting them.

For the appropriate treatment of the yeast infection, it’s essential to know the specific symptoms. This article reviews some of the significant symptoms of yeast infection. Understanding the signs and symptoms of the condition may also be helpful for quick diagnosis.


Vaginal burning is one of the common symptoms of yeast infection. It typically occurs alongside other significant signs of the condition. Some of the conditions that may follow vaginal burning include itching and swelling of the vagina, pain during urination or sexual intercourse, and a discharge.

Apart from the yeast infection, vaginal burning could also be due to UTI conditions, which is called the Urinary Tract Infection. If it’s a urinary tract infection case, you may experience symptoms like an urge to urinate, pain when starting the stream, cloudy urine, fever, and chills.

Burning of the vagina could be due to bacterial vaginosis, an infection that is prominent in women between the ages of 15 to 44 [2]. It could also develop when there’s too much of a particular bacterium growing in the vagina.