Is Micellar Water Harmful?

Over the years, micellar water has proven to be an effective product for maintaining a healthy skin. It is made up of small clusters of molecules, called micelles. These molecules fuse with oil on the skin to remove debris and makeup. It is also used to treat skin dehydration.

With micellar water, you can clean your face without worrying about scrubbing or washing. Unlike other facial cleansers, it is soft and gentle on the skin.

You can also use Micellar water to remove makeup from your face when you cannot get running water. It is a great skin care product for people who travel a lot.

According to experts, micellar water cannot be used to completely remove waterproof or heavy makeup. You have to mix it with other products to effectively clear heavy makeup.

In this article, we will discuss several important things to note about micellar water, like how to apply it, its benefits, and health risks.

What Is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is one of the most used care products. It is made up of purified water and humectants such as mild surfactants and glycerin. The primary function of Humectant is to accumulate and bind moisture to the skin. Surfactants help remove dirts from the skin.

The name micellar water is derived from micelles, small and round clusters of molecules that contain surfactant molecules. The molecules fuse and collect oil from the face.

Micellar water is commonly used:

  • Add moisture
  • Remove makeup
  • Cleanse the skin