Closed Rhinoplasty Overview: Cost, Recovery, Procedure and More

Closed rhinoplasty is a surgical process that changes the form of the nose. Incisions are mostly done inside the nose, causing less scarring and swelling than the normal nose job. And the nose looks as though no procedure was done. People can be unhappy about the situation of their nose and decide to change its appearance. Closed rhinoplasty procedure offers people this opportunity.

Closed rhinoplasty is used to reshape the tip of the nose, shorten the nose and remove a dorsal hump or bump. They are done as an option to the open technique. It allows patients to recover faster and non-visible scars. An endoscope is usually used to increase visualization. After the procedure is done, sutures close the incisions. External splint and casts are put over the nose.

The major aim of a closed rhinoplasty is to make the face beautiful by changing the shape, size and angle of the nose. It is also used to help patients with breathing problems due to size of the nostrils.


The cost of closed rhinoplasty majorly depends on how complicated the procedure is going to be and the location of the surgeon. In 2019, according to American Society of Plastic surgeon, the average cost of the procedure was about 5,409 dollars. Closed rhinoplasty surgeries may cost about 5,000 dollars to 25, 000 dollars. This cost is only for the surgery, patients pay for other things such as aesthetics and operating room. When the closed rhinoplasty is for only aesthetic reasons, it may not be covered by insurance. Patients will also have to take at least 4-5 days of work, which is smaller if it is a more invasive open procedure. Some hospitals are kind enough to offer lower prices, but it is very rare.