How to Regain Your Sense of Smell Naturally

Different scents are pleasant to different people and can sometimes bring joy. For some people, it may be pleasant to smell the aroma of blooming flowers or a fresh cut grass. It may also be happy to smell the scent of freshly baked bread or a newborn baby’s skin. These scents can bring a feeling of calm and serenity.

The importance of the sense of smell cannot be overemphasized. A good sense of smell can warn you of danger, letting you know when there’s fire or when food is burning.

The inability to smell can greatly impact one’s quality of life. It is a condition known as anosmia. Anosmia is the full or partial loss of smell, which became more common as one of the symptoms of COVID-19. [1] But there are many causes of this condition.

However, Anosmia can be treated medically as well as with some natural home remedies.

This article will discuss with you some doctor-recommended, natural remedies for restoring loss of smell.

Effective Natural Methods to Regain Sense of Smell

Anosmia can either be temporary or permanent. It often fades gradually over time, without any form of treatment. However, it can be difficult not to do anything, rather than wait, hoping for when and if your sense of smell will return. Luckily, there are several treatment options you can try at home that can help speed up the process.

“The treatment for loss of smell depends on the cause. There are a number of possible medical treatment approaches, as well as at-home treatments,” says Nicole Aaronson, an expert and professional pediatric otolaryngologist.