10 Exercises to Avoid If You Have Sciatica

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition that affects the sciatic nerve, which starts at the spinal cord and runs through your hips and buttocks. It terminates in the leg and branches into two other nerves. It is the longest nerve in the body and aids movement in most muscles of the lower limb. Its ability to control movement and sensation in your legs makes it vital for movement. Any disturbance or irritation to this nerve can lead to sciatica. The sciatic nerve originates from the nerve roots in the lumbar and sacral plexuses [1]. It courses through your hips and buttocks and branches in the leg.

In most cases, sciatica is accompanied by mild or severe pain in areas where the sciatic nerve courses through, such as the legs, buttocks, and back. It can also lead to numbness, sharp pain, burning sensation, and weakness in these regions. The condition is commonly caused by any injury that affects your sciatic nerve or a region directly related to the nerve, like the vertebrae. It is also caused by compression or inflammation of the nerve and bulging.

According to research, burning or shooting pain, tingling, numbness, and fatigue are the first symptoms of sciatica. In most cases, sciatica only impedes movement on one side of the body. Although people with this condition often find it difficult to move, experts believe that staying active can help improve the symptoms. However, contact and intense physical activities can exacerbate the symptoms and cause further strain on the nerve. It is important to stay away from any activity, posture, or movement that worsens pain.

Certain exercises can worsen your sciatica by straining or exerting excess pressure on your core, legs, and back. Do not put excess pressure on affected regions while trying to increase flexibility and strength. It is important to know which forms of exercise and physical activities can worsen your symptoms. It would also help to know exercises that improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, and stamina. Watch how your body reacts to physical activities. Stay away from exercises that worsen the symptoms

Do not engage in high-impact activities to avoid exacerbation of your injury and symptoms. Stay away from physical activities, if you start feeling severe pain. According to research, people who stay inactive for a long period are more prone to exacerbation of symptoms. Therefore, it is best to engage in stretching or light exercises.

If you experience pains in your back, leg, or core, it would help to stay away from certain exercises. Let’s take a look at some stretches, activities, and exercises that can worsen sciatica.