8 Surprising Benefits of Deadlifting You Need to Know

The deadlift is a compound exercise that involves pulling something up off the ground with hip extension while working numerous muscle groups at once. The exercise that the bulk of lifters perform that allows for the most weight lifting is the deadlift.

The benefits of deadlifts include the ability to raise heavy weights during this workout. Here are eight surprising benefits of deadlifting that you need to know.

Improves Whole Body Performance Strength

Deadlifts are the only exercise that truly develops entire body strength in both the lower and upper body. You may start to appreciate the deadlift’s promise for functional strength when you consider its mechanics, the muscle groups it works on, and the fact that an average person can load the greatest weight with it.

Your body also has to exert effort to overcome a stopping force because the deadlift begins with a concentric contraction [1]. Although we adore other complex exercises like the bench press and bent-over row, they won’t work your complete body as well.