Kegel Exercises for Urinary Incontinence

In simple terms, urinary incontinence is described as the loss of bladder control. This condition is common and can be embarrassing for the individuals that experience it. However, urges differ. Some individuals experience leaking urine when there is a cough or sneeze, while others may experience a sudden urge to urinate that can’t be controlled.

Usually, urinary incontinence occurs due to specific muscle and nerve issues, particularly the muscles that support urination. Fortunately, some exercises help this condition. These exercises are called Kegel exercises, which are clench-and-release exercises that help the pelvic muscles be healthier.

Who Needs Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises [1] are crucial for various individuals. Besides, they can help both the male and female genders with issues relating to urine leakage or problems with bowel control. Here are some of the problems that are common among people that need Kegel exercises:

  • Old age
  • After pregnancy
  • Weight gain
  • After the gynecologic surgery in women
  • After the prostate surgery in men

Moreover, certain people with brain and nerve issues may also have urine leakage and bowel control conditions. Fortunately, these exercises can be done when in the sitting or lying position.