How to find Your Ideal Running Cadence?


According to experts, your speed, agility, efficiency, and the severity of pain you feel when running depend on your running cadence. Experts from different parts of the world have theories on what an excellent cadence should be. This article will explain more about what a good cadence is and other vital information.

Runners and other athletes may have different opinions on what the appropriate cadence for runners should be. However, research shows that there is no ideal single number, but there is a range that every runner should arrive to attain. A good cadence not only makes you run faster but also reduces the risks of sustaining injuries when running. Studies show that most injuries sustained when running are caused by three categories of your form. The three categories include cadence, over-striding, and heel striking. It is important to note that the most important category is cadence. This is why runners who work hard to boost their cadence are less susceptible to knee injuries.

What is the meaning of running cadence?

According to experts, cadence can be defined as the number of steps per minute you take when running. From a mechanic and physiology point of view, cadence is a phenomenon that affects not just performance but also your susceptibility to injury. Thus, the higher your cadence the less prone you become to injuries or any damage to your body.