High Knees: Benefits, Muscles Worked, and How-To


High knees might appear as a simple exercise to perform, but in reality, it can be really strenuous. It has you cranking out a few sets of high-energy moves that get your heart pumping, activate your lower body and core muscles, and you tend to sweat quickly while performing the exercise.

Basically, high knees are a cardio-intensive exercise that is performed at a fast pace. The exercise comprises engaging your core, strengthening all the muscles in your legs, getting your heart rate up, and improving momentum, coordination, and flexibility. High-knees have a lot of physical benefits, health-wise also, which is why they are incorporated into a wide variety of workouts. The exercise does not require any equipment or that you go to the gym, amongst other things is what makes it a relatively easy exercise to perform.

What’s more, high knees can serve as a warmup, cardio burst between resistance training exercises, or part of a high-intensity interval training workout.

Ready to see what high knees can do for you? Read on to learn how to do them, their benefits, and the muscles recruited, variations, and when to do high knees.