Single-Leg Hip Thrust: How to Perform?

This exercise is the best type of body movement that is suitable for the glutes. The glutes are a group of muscles that make up the buttocks. They include some of the largest muscles found in the body. This exercise provides stimulus by walking separately on each side and isolating the gluteus muscles unilaterally.

There is a low risk of injury while performing this exercise and it also does not require a lot of items. Some of the equipment needed for this exercise includes a barbell, dumbbell and weight plates.

Single-leg hip thrust gives a well-rounded physique, and it makes standing from a seated position easy, allows one to climb stairs without pain and most importantly improves health.


There are several positive effects of this exercise on the body, muscles and even the mind, they include:

  • Prevents Injuries: Either as an athlete or just an active person, injuries tend to occur in every situations. It is advised to participate in resistance training to strengthen the connective tissues, bones and muscles. This exercise helps to prevent groin and hip-related injuries because it strengthens the hip extensors and tissues.
  • Improves Hip-Extension Strength: Hip extension movements are important in our day-to-day activities, such as walking, climbing stairs and getting up from a seated position. Hip extension is the increase of the angle between the thigh and single-leg hip thrust which helps to isolate the glutes and the important muscles needed to make all these movements.
  • Improves Sports Performance: To effectively participate in sports that involve changing directions, jumping, running and a lot more. The lower part of the body must undergo resistance exercises, such as single-leg hip thrust. Other forms of exercises that improve performance in sports are lunges, [1] deadlifts, squats and sledge push. [2]
  • Mind-Muscle Connection: This exercise needs the person to be intentional about it. It involves leaving every other thing and focusing on it. The mind is at rest and able to send proper signals all-round the body.