The 90/90 Stretch; Benefits, Tips and How-To

The 90/90 stretch is a hip mobility exercise that helps to increase the rotational ability of the hip joint [1]. The hip joint is the joint between the thigh bone and the hip bone, which is useful for transmitting the weight of the upper body. If you do not stretch this joint, it might feel tight and create problems like back pain. The 90/90 stretch is a useful exercise that helps to loosen your hip joint. Read on to learn about the benefits of this exercise.

What Is the 90/90 Hip Stretch?

The 90/90 hip stretch involves the rotation of your hip in two ways, the external rotation on one hip and the internal rotation on the other hip. External rotation of the hip involves twisting your foot towards the centre of your body while internal rotation occurs when your foot is twisted to the other side.

It is a seated mobility exercise and it requires you to be in a 90/90 position. The 90/90 position means that both of your knees form 90 degrees at full stretch. It is an advanced exercise and can be done by anyone. If you do not feel good while doing this exercise, you should stop it immediately.