The Wood Chop Exercise: Benefits, How-To, Muscles Worked


Core activation is vital for many movements in life. Your core is used in swinging a gulf club, paddling a paddleboard, and even lifting a heavy box. The core can be worked by various exercises, but just a few works as intensely as the wood chop.

The wood chop exercise is used to keep the trunk activated in a rotational movement pattern; it is also used to provide stability to the several abdominal and back muscles [1]. The muscles in the leg and arms become stronger and stable through wood chop exercise.

The wood chop exercise has been in several ways. It is popularly used in rehabilitation to treat and manage back pain. It offers a more advanced challenge for core stability.

Wood chop can be done in several positions and with multiple resistance tools, to allow variety and challenge. Also, the different positions and equipment allow work to be done on several muscle groups