Scratch from Dog: Health Risks, Treatment, and Prevention


Dogs are among the most popular pets and are even referred to as man’s best friend. Facts have even shown that dogs live in about 38 percent of households in the United States. However, just like with any other pets, it is important that we are careful and attentive to the several diseases, infections, and any other health risks that can be transmitted from them to us. Some of these health risks can come from a dog bite, but more commonly they are usually derived from dog scratches that arise from playing, feeding and, coming in contact with an unknown animal.

You should beware of your dog scratching you. Although not all scratches are serious, it is still advised to always treat any scratch seriously until you are sure it has no harm, you should be on the lookout for possible signs of infection and immediately call your doctor if any is observed. Your doctor will help rule out more serious health consequences.

As a dog owner, it is best that you are aware of all the possible health risks that are associated with dog scratches, and also how to treat and prevent them. This article will explain to you these three things.