10 Best Places to Retire In the U.S.

We all want to retire at a place after our long-term service from our work. Everyone likes different things, some a life of luxury and full of activities. At the same time, some prefer a very serene and peaceful environment with little to no engaging activities to spend the last few years of their lives.

All this can sometimes depend on one thing that is our budget. You can choose to spend your retirement anywhere, depending on your financial stability. When we talk about retirement planning, financial status is always the first thing to be considered. For a lot of future retirees, income is relatively quantifiable, with investment, savings, social security, and pensions. After establishing the finances, a question for most retirees is which location is suitable to live the remaining years of their lives.

Here are lists of 10 different places out of which you can retire in the U.S.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Abor is an ideal fit for those who desire intellectual stimulation. Being the abode for the University of Michigan, this city enjoys college town perks like books stores, craft breweries, restaurants, taverns, and shops along its historic streets. Among other things Ann Arbor can boast of a winter that lasts about more than three months, and a yearly snowfall with an average of 43 inches compared to the 28 inches nationwide.