10 Most Difficult Conditions to Diagnose

Diseases are a part of human existence. Periodically, our body is attacked by foreign actors which make us fall ill and although we have our immune system to protect us, it sometimes fails to do so. When we fall sick, there are symptoms that manifest which help doctors to determine the root cause of our illness. There are some diseases that are hard to detect and in this article, we will examine 10 of these uncommon diseases.


This condition is caused by the excess production of thyroxine in the thyroid gland. Thyroxine aids heart and muscle functions, bone maintenance, digestion, and brain development. When produced in excess it causes you to become irritable, nervous, or anxious. This causes it to resemble a mood disorder. Some other symptoms include heavy sweating, weight loss, and rapid heartbeats. Blood tests may be required for your doctor to accurately detect the condition. The balance of thyroxine in the body is important as imbalance will have varying effects on the body.