9 Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

Before the modern era of pills and other synthetic drugs, people depended on herbs and other medicinal food items to stay healthy. Garlic is one of such food items.

This bulbous herb is perhaps most known as a seasoning many diets because of its unique flavor, but it also has a lot of health benefits. This article explores 11 of these health benefits that have been proven by research.

Be Useful against the Common Cold

Garlic contains a lot of important compounds that can help improve immune function and combat common illnesses, such as the common cold. In a 12-week study [1], researchers found that using garlic supplements every day decreased the number of colds participants experienced by 63 percent when compared to placebo treatment. In the group given placebos, the average length of cold symptoms took five days to decrease by 70 percent compared to 1.5 days observed in the group on garlic supplements.

Aged garlic extract (AGE) had a similar effect in another study [2]. Researchers found that using high-dose garlic extract shortened the number of days participants experienced symptoms of cold or flu by 61 percent.

Some studies [3] have disputed the efficacy of garlic in fighting these sicknesses citing a lack of sufficient evidence. While more research is needed to truly understand how this works, you may still use garlic in your food if you have a cold. As long as you do not overconsume it, there is no harm done.