Alcohol Poisoning and Overdose: Everything You Need to Know

Due to its calming effects and potential for positive social interactions, alcohol is frequently used by people. However, excess alcohol consumption, even once, might have detrimental effects on your health.

One health issue that can arise from excessive alcohol use is alcohol poisoning, often known as an alcohol overdose. When you consume excessive amounts of alcohol at once, it may happen. If you or someone you know has overdosed on alcohol, dial 911 immediately. This is a severe, perhaps fatal condition.

Causes of Alcohol Overdose

Alcohol [1] is a substance that has an impact on your central nervous system. Because it makes you speak, move, and react more slowly, it is regarded as a depressant. Also, it has an impact on each and every organ in your body. When you consume more alcohol than your body can properly handle, you risk overdosing on alcohol:

  • Alcohol is swiftly absorbed by the stomach and small intestine and then immediately reaches the bloodstream. Your bloodstream absorbs more alcohol the more you drink.
  • The liver breaks down the alcohol, but it can only do so much at once. What the liver is unable to process is distributed throughout the remainder of the body.

Everyone processes alcohol at a different rate, but generally speaking, the body can safely process one unit of pure alcohol per hour (roughly a third of an ounce, according to a system adopted in the United Kingdom, generally regarded as the amount of alcohol in a small shot of liquor, a half pint of beer, or a third of a glass of wine). If you consume more than this, your body can’t process it quickly enough, and it builds up in your body.