Cauterizing a Wound – What You Need to Know

What Is Wound Cauterization?

Are you hearing the word cauterization for the first time? Cauterization is a medical technique performed on wounds by a healthcare professional or surgeon. The procedure involves the use of electricity or chemicals to burn tissue as a way to close up wounds. The technique may also be performed to help remove harmful tissue.

Wound cauterization should only be done by a medical professional, it is a routine procedure that requires expertise. Whether to cauterize a wound depends on the type and how severe the wound is. Either way, it is usually not the first line of treatment, it is used in specific situations and when other treatment methods are not working.

Cauterizing your wound yourself or with a non-medical professional can be dangerous and can worsen your condition. Continue reading this article to learn everything you need to know about cauterizing a wound, including risks and procedures.