Common Facts about Vitamin Vape

What Is Vitamin Vape?

More and more firms are producing vaporizers that allow you to inhale vitamins rather than taking in them from natural sources like foods and drinks. These products work basically the same as other vapes. The main difference is that they are loaded with vitamin, especially vitamin B12. Manufacturers claim that these vaporizers contain 10 times as much vitamin as in a typical vitamin shot. Even more, organic flavor waters, essential oils, and fresh fruits are added to improve the smoking experience.[1]

Are Vitamin Vapes Safe?

Studies have shown that e-cigarette vapes like vitamin vapes contain lower levels and fewer forms of harmful substances than tobacco products. However, they still contain thousands of elements that are associated with cancer and many other conditions. This means vitamin vapes are less harmful, but they still do harm to our health. An advantage of this product is that it is free of highly addictive nicotine. The problem is that vaping can make teenagers more likely to smoke cigarettes in the future.

Some firms market their products as containing no chemicals and having only organic ingredients. However, the process of heating might produce a few harmful substances that were not in the original liquid. Due to its short time on the market till now, more research is needed to learn more about the safety of vitamin vapes and possible side effects to the body, especially in the long run.[2]