Cucumbers: Nutrition Facts & Health Benefits

Cucumber [1] is a fruit that is enjoyed by individuals around the world. Although it is commonly believed to be a vegetable by a good percentage of the eating public. The fruit contains a combination of compounds and antioxidants that have varying health benefits for the body. There are a lot of nutritional benefits associated with consuming cucumber and we will thoroughly examine some of these facts and benefits in this article.


As we stated in the introduction to this article, cucumber contains antioxidants. These are molecules that prevent oxidation [2] (a process that occurs when unpaired electrons are linked with volatile atoms) which leads to various terminal illnesses. Research has shown that oxidation is a contributor to lung and heart cancer [3]. Oxidation has also been proven as one of the factors that contribute to autoimmune disease [4].

Cucumbers are known to contain tannins and flavonoids which are antioxidants known to block the action of free radicals in the body. Therefore, introducing cucumber into your diet reduces the risk of chronic disease in the body.