Health Benefits of Lysine

What Is Lysine?

Lysine is an essential amino acid found in protein. Essential amino acids are not produced in your body even though you need them. They need to be obtained from your diet.

Lysine is essential for normal growth and muscle development. It is used to form a substance called carnitine, a substance found in many body cells that helps lower cholesterol and functions in fatty acid transport. This helps provide your body with energy.

Many essential amino acids including lysine exist as stereoisomers. This means they have two identical variations that are mirror images of each other. Lysine is present in two forms: D-lysine and L-lysine.

L-lysine is the type used in protein synthesis and which your body can use. It is present in many foods and is the type used in lysine supplements. While it can be taken as a supplement, it is best to absorb it through food.

Lysine is known to have many health benefits. These benefits are the subject of this article.