What is Voodoo Floss and Should I Use It?

Flossing is a way of wrapping a group of muscles or joints tightly while stretching or doing certain exercises to improve mobility or reduce pain. Floss wraps are usually in two sizes- a 2” width and a 4” width. The smaller size is better for the arms and lower legs, while the bigger size is better for wrapping the thighs.

What is voodoo flossing?

People mostly use voodoo flossing after a hectic or strenuous workout or athletic event. It is also called muscle flossing or tissue flossing. It is a compression therapy technique that uses a heavy-duty resistance band mainly made of latex rubber to compress a joint or muscle while doing certain activities through a full range of motion.

The latex rubber used in voodoo flossing is similar to a resistance band. This band is wrapped around a joint or muscle like an ice bandage wrap. When a muscle is flossed, there is constriction of blood flow to the compressed area and when you remove it, the blood flow rushes to the affected part and fills it with oxygen and nutrients.

Voodoo flossing is used to regulate the joint range of motion, increase blood flow to restricted areas and compress swollen joints that don’t have motion and are stiff. It is mostly used before or after sporting activity or workout sessions, but never during an active fitness session. Other areas that are commonly wrapped are the quadriceps, hamstrings [1], ankles, elbows, shoulders, lower leg, biceps, and knees.