8 Natural Pain Solutions for Arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic systemic condition characterized by autoimmune inflammation in many areas of the body, including in the joints. It causes pain and impairment, and since there is no safe way to predict and control, treatment usually continues for a lifetime.

Arthritis (especially rheumatoid arthritis) is frequently related to cardiovascular disease, depression, muscle wasting, and visual impairment, regardless of the pain and functional implications. As a consequence, over the decades, claims for a cure by alternative treatments have abounded, from little-known ancient Chinese plants to other common health beneficial plants.

The home remedies listed here are excellent natural options to relieve the pain and discomfort of rheumatoid arthritis because these remedies contain anti-inflammatory properties that calm the region and stimulate the local blood circulation, facilitating the elimination of toxins.[1]

Listed below are some natural oil, tea, and tincture and practices that can help alleviate arthritis pain.

Nettle Tea

An excellent natural remedy for rheumatoid arthritis is to take nettle tea daily because this medicinal plant has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties that help to eliminate impurities from the blood and increase immunity, improving pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

To make nettle tea, you need a teaspoon of dried nettle leaves and about 150 ml of boiling water. Add the preparatory ingredients into your teapot already filled with water and allow it to heat up for 20 minutes. Strain the content, allow to warm, and take it 2 times daily for best effect.

Regular consumption of nettle helps in the excretion of uric acid. Therefore, this tea is also indicated as a home remedy for gout and gouty arthritis. However, it should not be taken with other diuretic medications and medicines to lower high blood pressure.