12 Natural Ways to Heal ACL Tear

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) damage affects the knee. In the US, it is an injury that affects over 200,000 people. Most athletes who jump, land, and change directions while playing sports experience an ACL tear.

They experience an ACL injury because they must do quick motions. These types of movements are found in three sports: basketball, football, and soccer. When an ACL is torn, a popping sensation and sound are felt in the knee. It will hurt, and it will make you feel unstable and swollen.

Rehabilitation, which involves strengthening the knee, can help heal an ACL damage. The individual will be able to regain steadiness as a result. On the other hand, surgery is an additional option to repair the ACL if rehabilitation alone is unsuccessful.

Following surgery, rehabilitation is administered to help with stability and strength in the knee region. Keep reading to learn 12 natural ways to heal ACL tears.

Ice the Area

This will lessen knee discomfort and edema. Every two to three hours, it can be administered to the knee for 15 minutes. Place the ice pack between two towels if you don’t want it on the knee directly.

Elevate the knee when applying ice to it. For 15 minutes, place an ice pack and/or a towel under your knee with a few pillows underneath. Maintain your knee elevated even after you’ve finished applying the ice. You shouldn’t get up since doing so will make you hurt.

The best treatment you can give yourself if you have an ACL is to rest the knee. You will recover faster when you rest and use ice. Also avoid putting pressure on the knee while it’s injured.