Recognizing Symptoms of a Gallbladder Attack

Fever above 38℃

Fever is one of the most common clinical signs for abnormality in humans and is characterized by a rise in body temperature above-average. The human body has a normal temperature between 36 and 37.5ºC. It changes throughout the day, being closer to 36ºC during the night and more to 37.5ºC in the late afternoon. In a case where the body temperature starts to go above 38ºC, this usually suggests an abnormality. A gallstone can cause severe pain, and in this case, the high temperature is associated with the patient feeling feverish. If people have a fever and usually accompanied by abdominal pain, then it may be dealing with a gallbladder problem. And you need to treat it carefully before the condition becomes worse and dangerous. See your doctor when you have the signs of the infection or inflammation.