Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration

What Is Bone Marrow?

Bone marrow is the spongy tissue located in the bones. It is used in the production of white blood cells (WBC), red blood cells (RBCs) and platelets inside bigger bones which include the; breast bone, hips and ribs.

White blood cells are used to fight diseases while red blood cells transport oxygen and nutrients to target organs. Platelets aid clotting of blood. A complete blood counts reveals the number of RBCs, WBCs and platelets [1], which can be unusually low or high. In most cases, your doctor checks your bone marrow to know the cause.

A bone marrow biopsy and aspiration are different techniques that are commonly done together. They are collectively known as bone marrow examination. Bone marrow aspiration is a procedure that is done by taking a sample of the soft tissues in the bones.

Bone marrow aspiration is done with a bone marrow biopsy. However, bone marrow biopsy is done with a different needle. It involves removing a solid portion of the bone marrow and is mostly taken from the back of the hips.