Being Alone Isn’t the Same as Being Lonely

Most people think being alone and being lonely are the same thing but they are not. They are very different from each other. Being alone is a physical state that occurs when you are not around people while loneliness is a condition that occurs when you are not connected to people emotionally even when you are around them. This article talks about key differences between these two states. Read on to learn more.

What Does It Mean To Be Alone?

Being alone means you are not physically surrounded by people. For instance, you can decide to just stay in your room all day without being visited by someone. People mistake being alone for being lonely but they are totally different.

Being alone is not a bad thing at all. It can be a good thing sometimes. One can use some alone time to evaluate one’s life and make plans that positively affect one’s future. It does not necessarily affect your life negatively.

Some people prefer staying alone than staying in the midst of people. This doesn’t mean they are not emotionally attached to people. They just love solitude [1].