10 Common Remedies for a Tooth Infection

Tooth pain is one of the most painful experience a human can have. There are natural remedies that can help reduce tooth pain or infection and stop them from getting worse. The most common way of getting rid of a tooth infection is with an antibiotic.

There are solutions that can be done at home to prevent the infection from getting worse and manage the symptoms. Patients should see a dentist to know whether they will need a root canal and to get drugs that will make the pain go away. Natural remedies help to manage symptoms, prevent spreading of infections and prevent exacerbation of the pain. It is also important to know that not all these remedies will work for everybody, but they can be relied on to bring some relief.

OTC pain killer & Hydrogen peroxide

Painkillers such as acetaminophen, aspirin [1] and naproxen [2] can be used to reduce the tooth pain. It is important for people to not take more than the recommended dose, to prevent complications.

Hydrogen peroxide is usually present in every medicine kit or first aid kit, but it is mostly overlooked. It has many first aid and household functions, but it is used best as an antibacterial agent to prevent infections in cut and as a mouthwash. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to reduce tooth pain and to prevent the spread of infections. People can mix with water equal volume of warm water and rinse their mouth with it.