Vitamins for Psoriasis: Options, Benefits and More

What Is Psoriasis?

A severe skin condition called psoriasis results in flare-ups of dry, flaking skin. Overproduction and loss of skin cells are the causes of these flare-ups. A dermatologist can determine the presence of psoriasis [1] through physical examination or biopsy. Although there is currently no cure for psoriasis, there are several strategies to treat and manage it. Individuals with psoriasis may turn to topical therapies, light therapy, and oral or intravenous drugs for relief. As an autoimmune condition, psoriasis calls for limiting inflammatory triggers by maintaining general health.

It’s helpful to keep track of the types and quantities of vitamins you consume to gain insight into your general health. While there is no proof that increasing vitamin intake would heal psoriasis, some research suggests that doing so can reduce symptoms.